Been meaning to blog my dinners but for some reason or another It’s been impossible.This soooo belated first post of 2010 is related to last year. I just wanted to mention my last dinner of 2009 on the 31th of December in Venezuela. It was great, It was only the four of us (mum,dad,sis & me) having a great time enjoying and celebrating food. We always have a very special dinner on the 31/12 of every year just before saying good bye to that year, I suppose it is to thank for all the good things that happened during that time,  forget about the not so good ones and celebrate that we are all together again. Anyway, we had such an amazing dinner. We had some “christmassy” rice with sweetcorn & raisins, salad with an orange dressing, roasted pork with roasted vegetables, deep fried prawns & for pudding! we had a filled panetone that I saw at jamie’s magazine. That magazine is full of really easy to follow recipes!

Jamie calls it Winter pudding Bombe! It’s in fact a little bomb of taste 🙂 I cooked this with my sister, we actually changed it slightly as we didn’t have all ingredients but the main ingredients are:

• 2 x 500ml tubs of good-quality vanilla ice cream (We used eggnog ice cream!!)
• 1 x 1kg panettone
• 125ml Vin Santo (We used whiskey and orange juice as we were missing the vin santo)
• 3 heaped tablespoons good raspberry jam (Orange jam?)
• 25g shelled pistachios
• 75g tinned sour cherries, drained (NOT USED)
• 40g glacé clementines (or other glacé fruit), thinly sliced (NOT USED)
• 2 clementines, 1 peeled and sliced into rounds  (NOT USED)

• Caramelized pears with cinammon
• 200g good-quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), bashed up


1. Caramelized the pears

2. Add all the nuts and some more whiskey to the ice cream take into the fridge

3. Line a 2 litre pudding bowl with 3 layers of cling film. Slice a four 2cm thick rounds off of your panettone then cut them in half. Arrange six of the slices in a single layer around the bowl and push them down if they overlap. Splash some whisky with orange juice over the bread as this will be absorved. After that, add the jam around the bread.

4. Spread a layer of the prepared ice cream, layer of pears and then more ice cream.

5. Add the nuts at the last layer of  ice cream

6. Put the rest of the panettone slices on top of the ice cream, drizzle over some more whiskey or wine if you are using wine. Cover the bowl tighly with cling film

7.  Freeze!

8. Just before serving, melt the chocolate Bain-marie.

9. Unfold your bombe and then pour over the chocolate

10. Done! amazing!! delish!!!

I’ll put a couple more recipes tomorrow!

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