Mustard my mash!

My dinner today was so yummy! not so light but hey doesn’t matter when It’s a delightful food. Today I needed something to warm me up as it’s been freezing the recent days! The only highlight of my dish this evening was the mash I made which had a little twist. I boiled parnish,carrots & potatoes in a pan with salt until tender. Once ready, I starting to prepare my mash like every other time with a butter, some milk, sal & pepper but I added a little twist I found on the internet and I remember trying it in a pub in Edinburgh, which is Mustard! . I tried with Dijon mustard but it’s usually wholegrain mustard the one used for the mash. It tasted wonderful as it gives a tingle touch to the everyday mash.

The pork I ate was simply seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic & worcesterchire sauce or how it’s called in my country (english sauce). I heat up a frying pan and grilled each side until well done!. & of course some rocket salad 🙂


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