Salmon with sweet onions & Kale

I was so happy this evening when I received my online shopping. I know I’m lazy but It’s so convenient when you live by yourself and don’t have a car to carry any heavy weight. Once I finished organizing it was already so late that I needed to cook something quick and with no hassle. I decided to cook salmon with a side of cabbage and onions I had seen in Gordon Ramsay’s Fast food book. First, I placed the salmon in a tray where I added salt,pepper, dill & lemon juice and off to the oven.

In the meanwhile, I boiled the kale for about 3-4mins, drained it and refreshed with cold water. In a pan I added some olive oil and added the onions, and then some sugar and some water and left until caramelised. I then added the kale and knob of butter and added balsamic vinegar until it reduces and it tastes sweet.

Here you’ve got the ingredients if you’d like to try it…

400g kale, stalks removed, roughly shredded

Salt and black pepper

4tbsp olive oil

2 large onions, peeled and sliced

3tsp caster sugar

knob of butter

2tbsp of sherry vinegar (I used balsamic vinegar)

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