Squash salad & chicken

Autum is here and so are Pumpkins! and I’m in love with them 🙂 Specially butternut squash! I had some spare butternut squash in the fridge from my last shopping and decided to do something with it. I looked trhough the web to see what I could cook with the squah other than soup. An interesting salad came across which would fit perfect with my planned baked chicken….So this is how it goes, if anyone fancies the recipe(It’s from Good Food, BBC)

You will need:

-For the salad:2kg butternut squash , peeled and cut into 2cm cubes,Olive oil,100gr of lentils, 100gr lentils, sesame seeds(toasted), 6 spring onions(slices)

-For the dressing: 5tbsp olive oil,3tbsp of balsamic vinegar, 1tbsp soy sauce, 1 chilli(chopped and seeded), garlic & 1tbsp honey.Salt & pepper

I just placed the butternut squash on a tray with a bit of salt,pepper, bit of sugar and olive oil and to the oven until tender. I boiled the lentils until cook “al dente”. When everything is ready. I mixed the rocket, the butternut squash, spring onions & the lentils in my bowl and added the dressing(which I had already mixed in a little bowl). In the oven I had my chicken which I kept it in the oven until done. (I added some rosemary,salt,pepper,garlic, olive oil and a bit of red wine)

I had a lovely dinner. The salad is very easy and sooo tasty! 🙂


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