Asparagus soup!

I quite never know what to do with asparagus other than boil them or grill them? I wanted to eat them differently today. I looked up in the internet and found a really handy and fast recipe for a soup but I added a twist to it. Basically, I just put butter on a pot and fried gently the garlic, onions, asparagus and some spares potatoes I had on the fridge. After a couple of minutes,  I added some vegetable stock and left it boil until tender. I finally blended my soup and added some milk. To top it off I added some chorizo and little pieces of bacon I had in a pan while cooking the soup. Salt & Pepper!

Definitely something to try if you’re ever on a hurry, if you need a warmer because it’s winter!!!, or don’t want to spend too much time at the kitchen but want something nice and simple to eat!



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